Would you like to change aspects of your life ?

It is by having the COURAGE to take action everything is possible.

IMAGINE … your life could be if you could let go of the stress, anxiety, feelings, habits, emotions, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

IMAGINE …..if you are willing to give it a go, how quickly an Intuitive Trasformational Clinical Hypnosis session could help you create a better future.

Life is too short to hold onto the things that no longer serve your highest good.

Rose believes in professional, positive and successful outcomes.

Total privacy with safe and understanding sessions.

Professional flexibility, allows sessions to be customised to your specific needs

Don’t wait or waste another day when the help offered is just a contact away.

Phone 0428648100 or email [email protected]


Up to 2 Hrs per Session and sometimes longer if needed.
Usually Clients only require one session per subject. A session is usually for one particular subject. If for whatever reason the same subject requires a second or third session then discounts for the continuation of the particular session attended will apply for the second or third session. Different subject will be a new session.

First Consultation including Hypnosis (approx) 2-3hrs   $200
More than 3 hrs the session will incur an additional $80

SPECIAL PRICE –  Stop Smoking

1 x session $200 2-3hrs ( 1-2hr boost session FREE)

Other Sessions 1 x 2-3hrs $200

and Extra Time $80 (save $20)

QHHT – Past Life Regression (PLR)  3-4hrs $350.00

– (LBL )- Life Between Lives

PLR + LBL extra $2-3 hrs – additional  $150

total PLR plus LBL 5-7 hrs over 2 days $500


Contact 0428648100 to discuss a discounted package Fee
2 x consultations $350
3 x consultations   $450
4 x consultations – 1st $200 – 2nd $150 – 3rd $100 – 4th  $100


Maximum 6 people please contact for further information

Payments may be made by Direct Deposit, Visa, Mastercard, EFTpos or Cash.
Payment for Group and or Package concessions full payment is required in advance


Please Contact

[email protected]

0428 648 100

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