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Group Clinical Hypnosis Sessions. Join a group or host your own Hypnosis Party. Discounts available for hosting your own hypnosis group by contacting Rose.

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Group Clinical Hypnosis Session.

Private of Group Session?

In a private session you are in a one-to-one meeting with your Hypnotist. You have the opportunity to have your individual concerns and needs met in a more personal way.
Some issues command the added investment of a private session. This is especially true with healthy weight loss or fears and phobias because they require finding the real issues behind the behaviors. After the initial sessions then joining group sessions can help in many ways to provide the ongoing support that you may desire or need. In fact our weight reduction and smoking cessation packages include 2 monthly group sessions via telephone or internet.

If you have never been to a hypnotist, a group session is an excellent method to learn about and experience the power of hypnosis. You can bring friends or even arrange a private group of your own (6 people). However, if you are unable to relax and focus when you are in a group of strangers, a group session is not for you.

Have a Hypnosis Party
Are you having a party or having a group of friends who want to de-stress, lose weight, stop smoking, learn meditation? Rose offers private group sessions in your home when you have 6 participants. If interested in hosting a group party contact Rose for a quote on a home party session.
please contact for price. 0428 648100

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