Performance & Confidence

Business Performance and Confidence Increase your performance and confidence NOW in an easy safe and proven way. Clinical Hypnosis IS that safe and rewarding powerful tool to help you step up the success ladder and communicate on all levels with the utmost confidence. Hypnosis transforms on an unconscious level,  opening you up to new opportunities, and profound positive changes,  while letting go of your self-limiting beliefs and allowing clear, confident, improved personal and professional effectiveness in all areas of your business. These hypnosis sessions are created for you,  and your individual goal or purpose and helps you change the things you want to change.

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Stress Management

Business Stress Are you in Stress Denial  - In today’s business world, some workers will actually continue working until they quite literally have a breakdown and find themselves completely unable to function,  unable to make decisions, anxiety can increase and even the slightest bit of additional stress can send them into a meltdown. Work starts to suffer as they struggle to meet deadlines or just daily routines.  Sound familiar,  or you know someone this refers to.  Low performance in any circumstance results in the business suffering. Use Clinical Hypnosis to work with the underlying thought processes, feelings and beliefs, which are generating or sustaining stress, as well as teaching coping methods to handle any future stress more effectively.

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Business Stop Smoking Staff smoking costs companies tens of thousand of dollars every year and reducing the number of staff who smoke can save your business A LOT of time and money, with an added bonus of healthier staff. Hypnotherapy has one of the highest success rates of any form of help for smokers wishing to quit. Employers that offer stop smoking programs to their staff, not only send a message that they care about the overall wellbeing of their staff, they also recognize and value the win-win situation by seeing an increase in profit, employee health and productivity. Don’t put this off another day - Contact Rose  today for a Corporate Package – one on one or group sessions available. .

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