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Frequently Asked Questions About Hypnotherapy

Types of Hypnotherapy

As a client you do not need to understand the different types of hypnotherapy as your Hypnotist will aim to ensure that they use the best methods to suit you as an individual and your particular issues.

As every person is different the best results will be obtained by utilizing the methods that each person will respond to.

How many sessions of hypnotherapy will I need?

This will depend upon your individual circumstances. This is something that you will discuss with your Hypnotist when you first meet and many hypnotists will agree a set number of sessions with you which they will review with you. Depending on the issues you want to address hypnotherapy can often be a relatively short process.

How long is a session?

An individual session will usually take 50 – 60 minutes and your hypnotist will make this clear to you at your first meeting. In some cases a session can take longer but you will discuss this with your Hypnotist in advance.

How many session will I require?

This is something that you will decide with your Hypnotist. It may be a normal one off session or you may need 3+ follow up sessions depending on your issue, and how quickly you respond. You will decide together at your initial session if you require more sessions depending on how you feel

How much will each session cost?

This is something that will be discussed with you at your first contact and you will usually be asked to pay for each session as you go. At their discretion some private hypnotists may offer discounts to those on a low income,  prices will be based on  one session or a 3 session often with a discount.

What if I can’t afford to pay?

Many Hypnotists work on a self-employed basis and charge for the services they offer. It may be worth asking you GP or there may be local charities that offer low cost/free hypnotherapy

What happens if I have to miss a booked session?

Your hypnotist will explain such things as their policy on late or missed appointments.

What happens at the first session?

It is possible that you will feel quite apprehensive about meeting your Hypnotist for the first time – they will understand this and do their best to put you at ease. At the first session they will tell you all about the practical information you need to know and of course you will be able to tell them about your own goals for attending.  They will give you the guidelines about:

  • If you will require more sessions
  • How much will it cost
  • What happens if you miss a session
  • If you can contact them between sessions

You will also have the opportunity to ask them about things like their experience and most importantly, decide if you will feel comfortable working with them.

What happens if I can’t relax?

Your Hypnotist is skilled at helping people to relax and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way for you to behave. Try not to worry about things like this as this may make you feel less relaxed. This is something you will be led into gently – and your hypnotist will be aware of your apprehensions.

What happens if I fall asleep or don’t wake up?

The state of relaxation that you enter is not the same as sleeping – but some people do fall asleep and this is nothing to worry about. You will be in a secure environment and your hypnotist will be aware of this possibility. Your Hypnotist will also explain about the method that they will use to ensure you are fully aware and ready to get on with your usual activities after the session.

I am worried that I may say or do something stupid

When you meet with your Hypnotist for the first time do tell them about any concerns that you may have and they will be able to reassure you. Unfortunately the only thing that many people know about hypnosis is what they have seen of so called ‘stage hypnosis’ where people may indeed be encouraged to do ‘silly’ things for the entertainment of an audience. Hypnotherapy is nothing like this – your Hypnotist is an ethical practitioner and everything that happens during your hypnotherapy is completely confidential

Can I bring a friend with me to the sessions?

You may want to get a friend to accompany you to the place you are meeting with the hypnotherapist and then ask them to meet you afterwards. Talk about this with the Hypnotist – the reason why it is better not to have another person you know in the room is that it may get in the way of you talking honestly about your issues

Is there any age limit?

Anyone over the age of 18 years can choose to see a hypnotist. If you are a minor you may need the permission of a parent or guardian and you should talk to your practitioner about this. If you are a parent or guardian seeking a hypnotist for a child or young person it is best to talk to the individual practitioner. There is no upper age limit.

Where will I see a Hypnotist?

You may see a Hypnotist in all sorts of different settings. It may be in the offices of a charity, in a private consulting room or in a common setting. Some private hypnotists also work from home. The important thing is that you will meet in a quiet and private room where there will be no interruptions.

Is it confidential?

Yes it is important that you can feel that you can talk about things in complete confidence. Your hypnotist will not talk about you with others – the only time they might breach confidentiality is if by keeping a confidence it could cause significant harm to you, your hypnotist or another person – for example if your life is at risk. They will explain about this when you first meet.

Hypnotist generally have a Supervisor and it is very likely that they will talk about your case (without disclosing your identity). This is to ensure they offer you the best possible service – a similar process to a doctor discussing your medical notes with a specialist.

Is Hypnotherapy guaranteed to make me feel better?

A hypnotist will never offer to ‘cure’ you. During your initial consultation you will be able to talk about why you are seeking hypnosis and together you will decide on a course of treatment. They will always refer you to your GP first for any medical issues.

I am taking prescribed medication – is it ok to have hypnotherapy as well?

It is likely that when you first meet your hypnotist they will ask you about any pre-existing medical conditions that you may have and also if you are taking any prescribed medication. They may well ask you to check with your GP before you start hypnotherapy.


(FAQ from The National Hypnotherapy Society)