Anxiety is basically a feeling of worry and concern; it is an expectation that the worst is going to happen and it is a condition that affects many people today.

Anxiety disorders can include: Panic disorders; Social Phobias; Post Traumatic events; Obsessive Compulsive behavior; excessive thinking; Generalized anxiety where the world does not feel like a safe place, hypersensitivity, Chronic worrying and stress which interferes with everyday life events.

Although anxiety is a very serious and widespread condition, hypnotherapy can help!   Using Clinical Hypnosis we can work together to not only instill feelings of Peacefulness and Calm through direct suggestion, and if  the Client wishes,  we can also get to the root cause of anxious feelings and transform them. The subconscious mind is the reservoir of emotion and it acts just like a computer. With the proper “programming” we can direct your subconscious away from fear and towards feelings of Safety and Peace.

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