Releasing Unwanted Blocks

Releasing unwanted Blocks

You may not even realize that you have core blocks or belief patterns that have been self sabotaging your life. Don’t struggle another day. A belief is a statement about reality that feels true on some level. We think our beliefs are accurate statements of reality. When we enter this world and take on the environment surrounding us, and as we grow from childhood we develop Core Issues and Beliefs. A Pattern develops and often this pattern is a negative pattern.

It takes a lot of energy to keep emotions repressed and buried. If you keep emotions buried for a long period of time, you lower your overall vibrations, and lower vibrations lead to illness and an accelerated ageing process. Buried emotions create fatigue and depression.

A session with a Clinical Hypnotist can help identify and release core blocks and belief patterns that no longer serve your highest good. Depending on individual situations as to how many sessions are necessary as sometimes when one belief is released it may bring to the fore something else that might need to be dealt with using a Hypnosis session releasing with ease and grace.

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